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9 Benefits of Pistachio Butter

Dry fruits are no less than a blessing from the skies above and people have been consuming them for centuries now. There are different dry fruits available in the market and people consume them as per their taste. It might surprise you but pistachios are one of the highest eaten dry fruits around the world. 

Recent statistics reveal that 761.71 thousand metric tons of pistachios were consumed in the last year which makes it a great deal and a great topic to discuss. Even today, pistachios are not only eaten raw but are also converted into by-products such as pistachio butter.

The pistachio butter are tasty and have tons of health benefits out of which some are as follows

Nutrition Filled

Pistachios have great health benefits as they are full of balanced amount of nutrients. There are multiple types of research on pistachio butter that reveal that the nutritional constitution helps fulfill the daily human calorie needs. 

They are low in calories and high in essential nutrients such as proteins with 159 g of calories on average for each pistachio serving. It means you can load up on pistachio butter as it is a great way to meet your daily dietary needs. 

High Antioxidant Content

Pistachio butter is rich in antioxidant a property which means that it helps in rebuilding cells and recovery. It also serves as a great means to reduce the chances of getting cancer in the future. 

There are plenty of researches that also show that people who consumed 2-3 servings of pistachio butter regularly, have higher levels of lutein and γ-Tocopherol which are optimal for bodily functions. The pistachio content in the pistachio better is highly accessible which makes it easier for the body to use it when needed. 

Rich Source of Amino Acids

Most people are unaware of this, but their bodies are incapable of producing amino acids naturally. These amino acids can only be consumed through a proper diet. Fortunately, pistachios in the pistachio butter are a great way to get the needed amino acids into your system.

These amino acids convert into nitric oxide inside the body. This nitric aid inside the body aids the circulatory system and blood vessels dilate thus aiding blood flow through the body. It is best to consume pistachio butter in small quantities on a daily basis if you want the best results. 

Improve Gut Functions

Researches show that people who consume pistachio butter frequently tend to have better gut health too. The pistachio butter is high in fiber and which travels through the system aiding digestion and nutrient absorption. It means that consuming butter pistachio can help you digest your food better.

It helps reduce the chance of digestive disorders, cancer, heart diseases, and other health complexities. It also aids the gut bacteria which improves the over body health. 

Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

The pistachio butter is not only great for the gut but also for your heart. Other studies reveal that pistachio butter can help control hypertension.  It also helps regulate cholesterols levels if consumed in a balanced manner.

More than 67% of the studies reveal that consuming pistachios and pistachio butter helps fight against LDL i.e. (bad cholesterol). 

May Reduce Blood Sugar

Pistachio butter is also believed to help fight against blood sugar or diabetes. It is packed with nutrients that help regulate sugar levels, increase insulin levels and lead to tons of health benefits in the long run. Consuming small quantities of butter pistachio can aid this purpose. People are also consuming 2 ounces of raw pistachios to achieve the same results with their blood sugar levels.

Might Help With ED

Not all men can relate to it but Erectile Dysfunction is a common problem among older men. We are not calling it nature’s Viagra or anything instant for ED but it still has promising results in this regard. As we have mentioned earlier, pistachio butter helps strengthen the vessels and regulate healthy blood (both factors play a great role in male sexual health).

Recent studies reveal that men who ate pistachio butter daily for 3 weeks saw betterment with their ED issue. We believe that makes it a great option for anyone who does not want to take a chance with their health.

Eye Health

Beta Carotene is a naturally occurring substance that gives carrot its orange color. These may not be crucial for eye health but other similar Carotenes are amazing for eye health. They help accumulate your retina, boost eyesight, help fight against eye diseases, and much more. Pistachio butter are also loaded with lutein which serves an important role when it comes to dealing with eye-related issues. 

The average lutein content found in pistachios is nearly 1000% more than the next best nut (hazelnut) for this. Other important nutrients such as zeaxanthin also help with this purpose and we recommend it for people with AMD or who may be at risk of it. 

Lowest Acrylamide Nut

Interestingly, pistachios have the lowest AGE ratio even when they get roasted. It is also revealed that pistachio butter's AGE ratio is much lower than all other nuts. It makes butter pistachio the optimal option for anyone who wants a healthy body.

Additionally, pistachios and pistachio butter are better than consuming meat because excessive amounts of meat can damage health because of the high cholesterol content in it. Thus, anyone looking for Acrylamide intake should switch to pistachio butter right away.

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With that said, it is pretty clear that consuming pistachio butter is exactly what you need to give your diet the balance. We also suggest researching online or contacting us for more guides when you want to buy pistachio butter. It will not only give you the health benefits we have mentioned, but also is a tasty alternate for a daily snack.  

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