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Turn Up the Heat: Pistachio Dishes You Can Toss on the Grill This Summer

Summer is grilling season—barbeques, pool parties, family reunions, cookouts, etc. Whether you’re attending, hosting, or contributing a dish to the potluck, pistachios make the perfect addition to any side dish, main course, dessert, and beyond. To make sure you are ready for summer 2021 and all of the meals coming your way, here are recipes for every course you can make with delicious California pistachios and pistachio butter.

Start with an Appetizer or Side Dish

Side Dish

Side dishes and appetizers at a cookout are often a second thought. Either you’re stuck with your aunt’s crumbly pasta salad or your friend’s last-minute store-bought serving of coleslaw. But these sides can make or break your day, and can make a welcome addition to everyone’s paper plates.

Grilled corn on the cob is a staple to every grill. But regular butter can take a backseat any day to this BBQ corn on the cob with saffron-pistachio butter. Lots of people mix different kinds of butter for bread, but why stop at bread? Who would’ve thought that mixing pistachios into a spread of butter would go so well on corn?

Want another unique compliment to any full-course meal? Try these grilled spring onions with pistachio butter. While corn on the cob is a different take on a classic, this dish takes a typical ingredient in other dishes and makes it stand beautifully on its own using a perfect peanut butter alternativepistachio nut butter. Cut the prep time in half by purchasing pistachio butter online through Seed & Shell.

Time for the Main Course

Main Course

We have different pistachio spread-based dishes for every palette, especially for the main course. After all, what’s a summer barbeque without meat on the grill? What you may not have considered, however, is that there are some easy ways you can make a new and exciting grilled dish with pistachio products.

Chicken is one of the best and easiest meats to grill. Take a more unique approach with these grilled chicken kebabs with pistachio gremolata. Marinate the chicken in yogurt, olive oil, and lemon juice, and grill them kebab style. Your best quality pistachios come into play with the gremolata—parsley, lemon, garlic, and pistachio mix with olive oil to create a salsa-like spice mixture.

Grilled steak is a high-end staple. Whether you’re looking to impress your friends in a cookoff, or finally earn yourself that promotion at the company cookout, try out this grilled ribeye steak with pistachio butter and asparagus. The best pistachio butter highlights the steak, spiced only with pistachios and thyme.

Burgers, hotdogs, etc. are tired. Barbeques have worn these classics out, and now you’re looking for a delicious sandwich and peanut butter alternative. This grilled lamb pita with pistachio and mint pesto changes the game. Pitas are a versatile, crowd-pleasing base for anyone, flavored with dill, red pepper flakes, and more for a punch of flavor. And, when paired with the absolutely stunning mint pistachio pesto, you have an incredible dish.

fast food

Going for surf-and-turf (or just surf)? Try this grilled shrimp with pistachio pesto. As you may have noticed, pistachio mint pesto goes well with almost any other meat dish, too. If you want to make it on your own and add it to your own creations, you can follow this stand-alone pistachio mint pesto recipe.

But not all guests are going to be meat-eaters. Pistachio also pairs great with almost any fruit or vegetable, and comes together beautifully in this grilled vegetable and halloumi skewers with pistachio pesto dish. Even without dietary restrictions, this can make an excellent side to a different main course as well. And, believe it or not, this dish is also served with pistachio pesto. Rather than mint, however, it includes basil, oregano, and garlic alongside the deliciously humble but outstandingly flavorful best quality pistachios.

You Can Grill Dessert, Too!

No party or meal is complete without dessert—but you already know that. You may not have thought, however, that you can put your dessert on the grill, too. Think beyond your typical cookies, cake, and even ice cream. While they’re all scrumptious, when you’re out in the beating sun, those aren’t really the desserts you are looking for. When you buy pistachios and buy pistachio butter, you’re buying the perfect ingredients for a refreshing grilled treat.

Strawberries and lemons make a perfect pair, especially for a summer dessert. Can you do anything to make it better? Actually, you can! This summer pistachio, grilled lemon, and strawberry tart is a delicately delicious English classic that looks like it could be on the Great British Bake Off (without the difficulty).

Strawberries and lemons

And, yes, grilling is involved in this dish. Like the name says, you actually grill the lemons for an incredibly unique-tasting lemon mascarpone cream inside of a hand-pressed California pistachio tart, topped with slices of freshly cut strawberries with a light glaze.

While you’re at it, why not throw some other fruits on the grill, too? The natural sugars in fruit are caramelized, making for a healthy, light, refreshing summer grillable. And, when eaten with some pistachio spread and best-quality pistachios, you have an irresistible dessert.


These grilled nectarines with greek yogurt, pistachios, and mint are completely and naturally sugar-free, and take less than 5 minutes to prepare and serve. Sprinkled on top with some whole USA pistachios, you can always simply buy some pistachios for sale online from Seed & Shell to have them ready for your next dish. If you are looking for a similar compliment to the nectarines, you can try these completely vegan grilled peaches with blackberry coconut cream and California pistachios.

Spruce Up All of Your Grilled Meals with Seed & Shell’s Perfect Pistachios and Pistachio Butter

With all of these amazing dishes on your grill-list this summer, you’re going to want to buy pistachios, and have the best pistachio butter on hand, too. And, in between cookouts, you’ll want a spread-it knife for all of your leftover snacking. Seed & Shell has everything you need for all of your meal-adventures this season, and will deliver right to your door—check out our pistachio products today.

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