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Get Lucky

While pistachios may be the unsung super nut in our humble opinion, there is one other interesting fact to know about pistachios. Pistachios are considered to be a lucky nut in many cultures and across many countries around the world.

Russia: The hearing the crack of a pistachio opening is good luck! Who knew luck could come as easy as that. 

India: Indians consider pistachios to be a warming food, which they believe have the ability to warm the soul and body. Pistachios are also eaten during Diwali (or Indian New Year) as a symbol of love and good wishes.

China: Pistachios are typically given as a gift during New Years as a symbol of health, happiness and good fortune. Like in Russia, the Chinese also believe that hearing the crack of the pistachio shell opening is good luck.

Whether you believe in these stories or not, the truth is that pistachios have many health benefits, so it should come as no surprise that we consider ourselves lucky enough to enjoy them. 

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