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Pistachio Butter Benefits

Lower in Calories per Serving than other Nut Butters

Higher in Fiber

High in Healthy Fats

Richer Source of Antioxidants

High in Phytosterols that lower Bad Cholesterol

Improves Blood Sugar Balance

Higher in Certain Vitamins including Vitamin B6

More Potassium than other Nut Butters

Higher in Certain Minerals including Calcium

The Only Nut Butter that Contains Melatonin

A Complete Source of Plant-Based Protein (with a higher ratio of essential amino acids)

The Only Nuts that Contain Chlorophyll, a health-promoting property which gives all greens including pistachios their color.

Balanced Flavor with a natural Sweetness, so you don't need to sweeten it with extra sugar, jams or honey.