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Bored with the Same Old Nut Butters?

We Feel You

It's Time to Try Something Better (and Greener)


Why Is Pistachio Butter the Better Nut Butter?

✔️ Lower in Calories than Almond or Peanut Butter

So you can enjoy more pistachio butter and feel great about it.

✔️ A Better Source of Plant-Based Protein

Pistachio Butter is the ONLY nut butter that's a complete protein with all nine essential amino acids, meaning that it's a better, more complete source of plant-based protein.

✔️ High Protein & High Fiber Makes it An All-Day Snack & Meal Replacement

So you can satisfy your cravings from morning-to-evening.

✔️ Higher Source of Antioxidants

Pistachio butter is full of unique nutrients and rich in antioxidants, making it an excellent way to diversify your nutritional needs.

✔️ The Only Nut Butter that Has Natural Melatonin

Pistachio butter has a great variety of nutrients and vitamins, but it's the only nut butter that naturally contains melatonin, to help you with your sleep support.

✔️ Great Post-Workout Snack

Grab a spoonful of pistachio butter when you need a quick protein boost that you don't have to think about (Bonus: Pistachio Butter has the highest amount of potassium compared to other nut butters, making it an excellent workout recovery food).

✔️ The Only Green Nut Butter

Pistachio Butter contains the same plant compound found in your other "greens", so you can easily add more greens to your diet (without sacrificing taste).

✔️ Tastier

Pistachio Butter has a smooth, rich and decadent flavor. It's not nutty like peanut butter or chalky like almond butter, so you can enjoy a better tasting, plant-based nut butter.

Seed & Shell Pistachio Butter is the First of its Kind

Made with California-Grown Pistachios with None of the Bad Stuff

Seed & Shell is the First To Bring you a Real Pistachio Butter

Find out More About what makes our Pistachio Butter Different

What Makes Seed & Shell Pistachio Butter Different?

100% REAL Pistachio Butter

Made from Tree-to-Table with California-Grown Pistachios and Minimally Processed

No Added Preservatives, Sugars or Oils

Eco-Friendly Packaging