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Why Eat Pistachio Butter?

Because getting your daily greens was never this easy (or delicious)

✔️ Lower in Calories than Almond or Peanut Butter

So you can enjoy more pistachio butter and feel great about it.

✔️ A Complete Plant-Based Protein that You DON'T Have to Cook

Simplify your nutrition AND your grocery list. Enjoy all that time you saved for meal prep with a quick and easy plant-based protein.

✔️ An All-Day Meal Replacement

So you can satisfy your cravings from morning-to-evening.

✔️ Naturally Rich in Nutrients and Antioxidants

Pistachio butter is full of unique nutrients and rich in antioxidants, making it an excellent way to diversify your nutritional needs.

✔️ Great Post-Workout Snack

Grab a spoonful of pistachio butter when you need a quick protein boost that you don't have to think about (Bonus: Pistachio Butter has the highest amount of potassium compared to other nut butters, making it an excellent workout recovery food).

✔️ Tasty Greens

So you can add more greens to your diet without sacrificing taste.

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Getting your Daily Greens was Never this Easy (or Delicious)

Featured Recipe: Seed & Shell Reset Greens Pistachio Butter Smoothie

Check out more creative uses for pistachio butter on our Seed & Shell Blog.

Seed & Shell Pistachio Butter: What Makes Us Different?

All Natural Made with No Added Preservatives, Sugars or Oils

Minimally Processed, Made in Small Batches in the Midwest

California-Grown Pistachios Using Sustainable Farming Practices

A (One) Woman-Owned Business

Eco-Friendly Packaging

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Pistachio Butter