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3 Must-Try Valentine's Day Recipe Ideas

We believe that the way to the heart is through delicious food. This Valentine's Day, we invite you to indulge in our selection of mouthwatering dishes crafted with love and our premium pistachio butters. Gather in the kitchen with your partner, family, or friends. As you work side by side, laughter and conversation flow freely, turning ordinary moments into cherished memories!


Heart-Shaped Pancakes

Nothing says "I love you" more than heart-shaped pancakes. Surprise your significant other with a stack of these adorable pancakes that are as delicious as they are cute. To make heart-shaped pancakes, pour the batter into a heart-shaped cookie cutter placed on the griddle. Cook until golden brown, then carefully remove the cookie cutter. Serve with fresh berries and our Regular Pistachio Butter!



Strawberry Heart Skewers


What better way to celebrate love than with heart shape strawberries? These delightful treats not only look adorable, but they also easy to make and taste delicious! Heart shape strawberries are simply strawberries that have been carefully carved or cut into the shape of a heart. This can be done using a knife or a heart-shaped cookie cutter. The last step is to dip it in our Regular Pistachio Butter and its ready to be served! For pistachio lovers out there, feel free to roll the dipped strawberry in crushed pistachios for an extra crunch. The result is a charming and visually appealing treat that is sure to impress your loved one.


Romantic Ravioli Dinner

Are you a fan of Italian cuisine? Do you enjoy the rich flavors and textures of homemade pasta dishes? If so, you're in for a treat! Prepare to explore the amazing world of ravioli in a pistachio lemon sauce. Get ready to indulge your taste buds with this mouthwatering dish! Ravioli in pistachio lemon sauce is a delightful pasta dish that combines the delicate flavors of ravioli with the nutty richness of pistachios and the refreshing zest of lemon. It is a perfect blend of savory and tangy, creating a unique combination of flavors in every bite.


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