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How Pistachios Make it from Tree to Table

Whether you are a fan of pistachios or like to explore the best pistachio nut butter, you might be wondering how Seed & Shell gets pistachios from the tree to your table. In this article, we’ll show you how these delicious, naturally green nuts go from being harvested by handoff of the trees at a farm to ending up on your plate as pistachio butter. 

1. Our Pistachios are grown in our very own California 

In the United States, pistachios are grown primarily in California and Arizona. Early on, it was assumed that the climate in these states was too warm to grow pistachios. However, as technology became more advanced, the U.S. became one of the top pistachio producers in the world. Our Seed & Shell pistachios and pistachio butter are sourced from premium, California-grown pistachios that are sustainably farmed from a family-operated orchard. 

2. Pistachios Grow on Trees that Can Be as Tall as 50 Feet

Pistachios are grown on trees that can be 50 feet tall. Imagine being the person who had to climb up that high to harvest these seeds by hand! Thankfully, we now have tools available to make this process of pistachio harvesting easier. No matter how tall these pistachio trees are, humans did what it took to reach those heights so they could enjoy pistachios. Indeed, pistachios are estimated to have been enjoyed as a staple in our diets for at least 9,000 years!  

3. A Pistachio Orchard Can Yield About 1 Ton of Nuts Per Acre Each Year

A pistachio orchard typically yields about a ton of nuts per acre each year, but this number varies depending on weather conditions and the type of soil that they grow in. We're lucky that California has the right climate and land to make it the perfect place to grow pistachios. Once planted, it will take weeks before pistachios will ripen on these trees, making them one of the longer harvest times than other types of farming. They do say the best things in life require patience and that includes growing pistachios too!

4. Our Seed & Shell Pistachios Come From Tree to Table  

Seed & Shell gets California-grown premium pistachios to you from tree to table. Seed & Shell sources our pistachios from a California pistachio farm that operates a family-owned pistachio orchard. Our Seed & Shell pistachio butter is also sourced from the same locally farmed, California-grown pistachios, and our pistachio butter is then made in micro-batches in the Midwest. Our Seed & Shell pistachio butter is a great way to discover a new pistachio product and also add a new source of plant-based protein to your diet. 

Interested In Discovering New Pistachio Products?

We hope that you've enjoyed learning about the process of harvesting pistachios in the U.S. If you are interested in learning more about pistachios, buying the best pistachio nut butter, and more, come check us out here at seedandshell.com

How Pistachios Make it from Tree to Table

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